Camp NaNo: Day 1

END OF DAY WORD COUNT: 1,343 words


Tina Fey & I are playin NO GAMES
Tina Fey & I are playin NO GAMES this month. #CampNaNo2k15

So as I type this, it’s somewhere around 2:30 in the morning and to be honest I am dead tired. But as I venture for the first time into the forest that is #CampNaNoWriMo (A month long novel writing challenge spin-off of the November version of the same name, minus the camp) I realized that in my early years of NaNo noveling, there was one thing that really and genuinely helped to keep me sane amidst the late nights and the probably-illegal-in-several-states amount of caffeine in my blood stream – and that was writing about it.

Writing about writing, eh? I can guess what you’re thinking . . .


It’s not as crazy as it sounds I swear. For me, writing about my experiences has always been something that helps me to organize my thoughts, and make me sit back and reeeally reflect on how it is I feel about something. So as I’m writing (and some days, I write a lot) it can be quite helpful to vent, share, squeal, or just incoherently key smash out my frustrated feels in order to get back to a proper state of mine to write words.

So as I start off on this latest noveling journey, I’m going to be mixing my mediums by – wait for it – blogging AND vlogging every. single. day.

Is this going to be a serious challenge for scatter-brained-always-got-a-new-idea-but-not-enough-time me? Yes the heck it is. But the way I see it, if I was somehow able to get through college with it’s bajillion and one different things to do at once, I can certainly make it through this.

The videos will most likely all be short and sweet, and honestly both vlogs and blog posts here can fluctuate in terms of time for each. Tomorrow I may write a novel of a blog post (geddit?) or a six word story. The videos may be me giving long insightful feedback on how best to approach writing meaningful themes or character development, or they could be me making tired grunty noises at my camera. But the goal is this: SOMETHING every day.

Apparently this post is brought to you by Tina Fey?
Apparently this post is brought to you by Tina Fey?

In addition, I will still be posting other blogs to here, so don’t think that will stop as I focus on this writing! (I know many of you are still excitedly waiting for the remainder of posts from my UK trip, and they’re comin, I promise) Just hope that the experience of recounting my noveling journey is as enjoyable for you as I hope it will be for me. But now, I’m going to stop getting nostalgic over something that hasn’t happened yet and get my self to sleep.

Wish me luck & see you all on Harry Potter’s birthday when I cross the #50K finish line! (AT GEEKY CON NO LESS!!!)


4 thoughts on “Camp NaNo: Day 1

  1. Really looking forward to following your CampNaNo journey. Daily blogs and vlogs is freaking crazy! In the best possible way. ^.^ I’m doing weekly updates, but it’s just little snippets of commentary. Keep going and drink all the caffeine!


    1. Aww, I’m looking forward to sharing the journey with everyone. To focus on one thing and do a video/blog every day for a month is CERTAINLY going to be a huge challenge, but I’m excited to make it happen!

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