Camp NaNo: Day 2




This will be me the second I finish writing this post

So yesterday was fun. Not only did I get just shy of a 1,000 more words, but I also reached 400 (and then some) followers on twitter and reached 70 subscribers on my YouTube channel. While these may not be tremendously gi-hugic numbers to some, they’re exciting for me as someone who’s really trying to just jump head first into finally sharing my stories (both the real life stuff & created) with the rest of the world.

Me about everything tbh.

But probably one of the most important things about my day was watching this one video by Hank Green, which I mention in my own video below, but can perhaps elaborate a bit more on here.

The video, titled How To Get Good At Everything, in which he talks about what sounds like an awesome TED Talk (Which I have yet to watch, but plan to!! May even write a blog response to it.) where Carol Dweck talks about what it means to be good at something. Are we born great? Or have greatness thrust upon us? While I don’t want to speak to a video I haven’t even seen, my vote at the moment would be neither, cause gosh darn it I’m going to work hard for whatever kind of greatest comes my way.

The video was also special cause it included someone I greatly look up to, talking about writing his own novel, something he’s never done before, and quite frankly, it’s refreshing to see people like Hank Freakin’ Green (Interviewer of the President and Proponent of Ending World Suck) can be nervous about creative endeavors. Its why I think I like both Hank and John Green so much. They are creators who make change and weave stories and inform us to make life on Earth more awesome, and they do it in the most human way. They aren’t trying to be big shots, they aren’t trying to be celebrities, they just want to make the world a little bit better, and really, shouldn’t we all be trying to do that?

And lastly, yesterday as a writing day was super special because of the fact that I got to share it with a bunch of people using @NaNoWordSprints and my own personal twitter. Writing when I was 13 was something I experienced entirely on my own. No twitter or tumblr existed then like it does now, so I had no way to reach out to others and really bond over the experience, which is certainly not the case now. I say all that to explain the importance of one of the people I was chatting with on twitter, who’s a young writer like I used to be. (Well, I’m a young writer as well, but not quite teenage young)


They’re just beginning on their journey, and for me to sit back and think about all I’ve experienced through the written word in the last 11 years of my life, makes me so VERY excited for their future. I know being a storyteller has changed my life in immeasurable ways already, and it just makes me happy to know that it’s doing the same for others too.

JULY 2nd, 2015


**The end of day “New Total Word Count” shall henceforth be determined by the number of words I have before going to sleep for that day, not necessarily at the time which the day physically ended. Ex: I reached this word count at 4am on 07/03, but this counts as my wordcount for 07/02 cause dear God in heaven, I haven’t slept yet and I’m beeeeat.**

3 thoughts on “Camp NaNo: Day 2

    1. Well 13 was when I started my first novel (February 2004) and that November of 2004 was my first NaNo, so technically I was 14 by that point. But yeah, it was the coolest thing ever, cause the first three years I finished it! But then late high school/early college kept me from completing it for years . . . til last November. :3 #Winning


      1. Ah. I started writing my first story when I was about the same age, but I didn’t discover NaNo until 2008. 🙂 Congrats on winning last year. It was the first year that I didn’t even sign up. :/


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