All Good Things

As 2016 gets under way, I find myself caught up in something that many of us spend the first days of a New Year doing: thinking about what I can do differently. What resolutions should I make? What am I actually able to stick to as a realistic goal? What do I need more of in my life?

One of the biggest things, is positivity, which may sound like a contradiction to most people who know me. My friend even sent me this tweet as I was working on writing this post:

I pride myself on being a person who just spews encouragement and excitement in every direction, because honestly, that’s who deep down I feel I am, and it’s entirely who I want to be. But what less people know about me is that in order to do that, I’m usually having to suppress my depression and anxiety to make it happen. I’ve gotten considerably better at this than I was before, but it’s still a daily struggle, and one that I need to be proactive about keeping under control.

So what’s my solution? What’s my plan for being the happiest me I can be in 2016?

Meet my Memory Box.


What’s a Memory Box? Well, it’s what I am calling my version of something that I was actually inspired to do by one of my friends, only hers is called a Good Things Jar. The container is whatever you want it to be, but the idea of it is simple.

Every day, you write down one good (happy, positive, exciting, amazing, or any-other-word-that-describes-wonderment) thing on a piece of paper, and put it in the box. Then at the end your 366 (since it’s a Leap Year!) you’ve got an entire container that’s full up with the beautiful moments of your year. You can even decorate it if you like, so over the year I plan to add to what is currently just a plain red box, so that by year’s end, the box is as much a representation of the year as the things that are inside of it! Quotes, stickers – whatever I find that sums up the epicness of 2016.

My friend's Good Things Jar! GOOGLY EYES! :D
My friend’s Good Things Jar! GOOGLY EYES! 😀

For me, reminders of the good things in life can be what keeps me going, especially on days when I am feeling at my worst. It’s one of the reasons I like to journal and blog as much as I do. Memories of good things can reignite the sparks in one’s heart that you need to keep going. They can inspire you to keep fighting so you can experience more like them. Memories are part of what makes us most human.

I already feel in my bones that 2016 is going to be a game changer, and so I can’t wait to see where this lil venture takes me. And even better, this box fits perfectly as a vessel for all the good things, as it was the box that my Christmas gift from my sister came in. And what was the gift it carried? The “Best Day Ever” mug shown next to it in the photo above. ^_^

So here’s to the year and to all the happiness that it will bring, and most of all, here’s to looking back at the end of this year, with what will hopefully be both a little red box – and a heart – full up with love.

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