Big Moments & Little Musings

Every blogger’s experiences are different, which is probably why I find most of those “5 Absolute Concrete Rules for Your Super Duper Blog Success, We Totally Promise” sort of blogs to be silly. Who are you, random stranger of the internet, to tell me what makes the most sense for me, my blog, and the story of my life? Surely, tips are encouraging and give insights into how a blog could, and perhaps should, be run. But I find the experience of blogging too personal and unique for there to be a insta-success recipe.

So right now, rather than carefully planning out a blog post I never finish, I’ma pop in here with some thoughts on some things. Cause reasons…

My brain still has not caught up with the wonderment that was the weekend of New York Comic Con, in which over a span of several days, I met storytelling legends (Stan Lee, Guillermo del Toro), actors whom I greatly admire (Steve Yeun, Ron Pearlman, ANDY SERKIS?!!??), and most importantly, got to witness a precious moment in time. My podcast—the one I’ve been co-producing over at MuggleNet for the last ten months—had it’s very first live show/panel. I was so proud of the remarkable people I work with. I’m ever in awe of them—their combined intelligence, kindness, and sillyness is sometimes too much for my heart to handle. If only little fangirly me from my teen years could know the experiences she’d get to have as an adult. The podcasts she grew up listening to? She’d get to be part of that. It’s wild and beautiful and so many other words that just don’t do it enough justice. I can’t describe the joy that filled my heart that day.

Since then, there’s been several other huge-potentially-life-changey moments that have come up, but for me to go deep into describing them now would take too long and probably make me close this tab to finish writing the rest later. Just know, there’s good things happening. Very good things.

Going forward, I can say it’s safe to start placing bets on November probably being the best month of my life. One of the reasons of which I can share, is HAMILTON FINALLY. At last I’ll get to see the musical that’s been shaping my year and helping me grow. And the other major element, is going to be that Fantastic Beasts finally drops. It’s been 3 years of waiting for this movie to finally be here—and one long year of podcasting about it—so honestly, chances are I’ll be crying through approximately 76% of that movie. (Don’t worry, they’ll be mostly happy tears…I hope…*looks pointedly at J.K. Rowling*)

And lastly, NaNoWriMo approaches! If last year was any indication, I tend to blog with more frequency when caught in the throes of NaNo. Perhaps it’s because my hands are fixed in fervent typing mode. Or maybe it’s because in order to write a story, I need blogging and journaling to help me psychologically work through the process of stroytelling. Whatever the reason, I’m pretty settled on this November’s adventure being the completion of draft two of They Are the Lastseeing as last year’s mission was draft one. I’ve also got a few other reasons to get that done, but life would be boring if I didn’t have at least a few secrets.


Normally this be the place where I wrap things up and be like, “sorry for rambling”. But to be honest, I’m not sorry. Getting out my thoughts in rapid fire like this was fun, and besides…



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