For someone with a degree in film, I don’t get opportunities to play with my camera much anymore. I suppose given how preoccupied my mind has been this past year with word documents and brainstorming in journals, I’ve not had much time to put my eye to a lens. (Well, that and the fact that I may or may not have lost my battery charger months ago and only just gotten a replacement…..)

Regardless of why my Canon has collected dust on my shelf, I’d like it to no longer. As I sat in my apartment yesterday, feeling slightly blue that I was too sick to spend Christmas with any of the people I care about, I snapped some shots of the creative space I was working in, and wanted to share them here.

Hopefully come 2017, there’ll be more chances for me to just share photography on this blog. Given my site’s catchphrase, “Capturing Life’s Chapters”, it just seems fitting to do so with more than just my words. Hope you enjoy my tired-and-doped-up-on-Nyquil creativity. Taking these photos definitely made my holiday just a smidge brighter.

“Weapon of Mass Ideation” Photo by Elayna Mae Darcy (c) 2016
“A Story to Tell…”  Photo by Elayna Mae Darcy (c) 2016 
“Bottled Horizon” Photo by Elayna Mae Darcy (c) 2016
“Beyond the Bottle” Photo by Elayna Mae Darcy (c) 2016
“Skyline Candle” Photo by Elayna Mae Darcy (c) 2016

All photos taken with my Canon Rebel T3i, Evie.

To see more of my photography, visit my portfolio here.

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