Red, White, and Blood

This is a poem I wrote in response to the disgusting display of white supremacy that took place at the Unite the Right event this past weekend in Charlottesville, VA.

Red, White, and Blood

an original poem by Elayna Mae Darcy

The saddest truth

is that we were never better,

and your “greatness”

is a myth,

a lie,

fed to the

knowledge hungry

minds of children

so often

and so young,

that before

we even knew it,

we were addicts

to the lie

of a free country.

One built on


One built on


One built on


You branded it

onto our brains

when you made

us stand

and pledge allegiance

to the flag

made of blood.

Red blood,

for the lives lost,

the people

you slaughtered

to build your picket fences.

Blue blood,

is woven as

the background

to the stars

because you believed

your money

mattered more

than lives.

White blood,

your bigots

who died

“protecting” a culture

that believed

that those

who were

black brown or other

deserved to be ripped

from their mothers

to serve you.

As a child,

I pledged to your

red, white, and blue blood,

not knowing

the truth,


the star spangled

colors stood

for what’s


I wish I had known

it was lies.

But when

I look to

the truth

with eyes

wide open

I see…

this place

was never free…

So I stand

with the people

who don’t look

like me,

the people

you punished,

trying to make believe

they couldn’t be.

I try


to shut up

and listen

to their truth,

their history,

the honesty

classrooms kept

from me,

from the people

who deserve most

to be free.

I cannot change

what’s been done,

but I can help change

what’s to come,

with a heart


with a mind,

ready to become


(Cover photo by Filip Bunkens)


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