The Convention Kid

Two years ago yesterday, the very first episode of SpeakBeasty debuted, and thus began one of the most remarkable creative endeavors of my life. Since then, we’ve hosted live shows at MISTI-Con and New York Comic Con, we’ve covered the red carpet premiere of the first Fantastic Beasts film, we’ve had one of the show’s four main actors as a guest on the show, and (this one is my favorite) we’ve gotten to meet some of our incredible listeners IRL, and hear their stories about how our show touched their lives or made them smile on a bad day. There have certainly been struggles and conflicts and moments of frustration, but all of them have been outweighed by the staggering amount of good things to come of this show. From professional milestones to profound friendships, it’s been an incredible ride, and we still have so much yet before us with the release of the next four films.

But as SpeaBeasty continues on (our 52nd episode is due out on New Year’s Eve) I’m today starting on a new adventure, and launching my first solo podcast—a new show called The Convention Kid

The Convention Kid was conceived out of a culmination of moments, the first being that my roommate asked me if I’d ever considerered reviewing or talking about the conventions that I go to. I said I wasn’t really sure how I would, but the idea was inception-ed in the back of my brain. The next part, was going to PodCon, which was one of the best weekends I’ve had in a long time. The con was so wonderful and pure and full of infectious creative energy, and all the panels left me with new ideas for new shows I could create. And then, it hit me. A memory from childhood. A sign that maybe this was always where I was meant to end up. Something that goes back to the literal day I was born.

Folks, I was literally born during a convention.

Backstory time—my grandfather was a firefighter chief for years, and so every year in the end of September, my family attended the Pennsylvania State Fireman’s convention. Mind, this was no comic con sort of event like the ones I attend now, but it was still a convention. And so while all my family’s friends were off at the event, my mom was in the hospital having me, racking up a crazy phone bill calling everyone from the convention who wanted to hear how she and brand-new-me were doing. And so each year, when we went to the convention, my mom’s friends would see me and say, “Hey, it’s the convention kid!”.

Apparently, I’ve always been who I was supposed to be.

And so thanks to PodCon, these ideas coalesced into this pilot, called A Rising Tide, which comes from a quote that the hosts of the Spirits podcast said at PodCon that really stuck with me in a big way. The phrase was…

A rising tide raises all ships.

It’s a beautiful phrase, that I think embodies how artists and creators should approach their work. It reminds me that when we uplift others, we uplift ourselves as well, and then together achieve more than any of us could have achieved alone. It made me want to start this new show, so that people like me who love cons and fandom can bond together over our geekiness.

I’m really psyched to start this new journey, and I hope you’ll join me along the way. And if you really like this first episode, definitely consider popping over to the shiny new Patreon page for The Convention Kidwhere for anywhere from $1 to $10 a month, you can support the show so I can keep making more episodes and deliver you an even better show.

So now to the reason we’re here, I’m proud to present Episode 1 of The Convention KidI hope you enjoy the show.

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