I do not always succeed. I feel I fail more often than not. But I am trying. I am fighting. I won’t let my efforts be forgot. There’s this pressure from the world, that I must meet specific goals. But my heart says something different, it sings a song of old. Before the world knew war, and before hatred plagued our souls, love brought about creation, the Greatest Story Ever Told. Evolution is a process, but does not mean love isn’t real. Science is the explanation, for why we feel the way we feel. To think the spirit does not exist, and that the soul is in our imaginations, is a fallacy most high, and shows the devil’s desperation. We are beings of magic and atoms, trying to do our best. And while we fail some of the time, we succeed the rest. Every second I keep breathing, is an accomplishment of joy. Every moment that I keep going, that’s a failure I’ve destroyed. I do not always succeed, but ever, I still try. I won’t let the world make me broken. Somehow, I’ll survive…

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This poem will be featured in Unraveling Light, my debut collection of poetry*.


(*Cries for days because I can finally say that phrase.)


These Poems Three

Happy National Haiku Day, friends! Here are some new ones I recently shared to my new @elaynamusings Instagram account, in honor of this epic day honoring one of my favorite poetic forms.


deep down within you
is a brilliant, shining star
let its light guide you…


though your heart may bleed
still, it beats inside of you
remember your strength


kindness to yourself
is far greater than riches
self-love outweighs gold

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First Memory

First Memory

It was an earthen rainbow,
a sprawling sea of leaves,
bright reds, brilliant yellows,
fading greens.

We’re all packed in the van.
Mom’s driving, always
steering our family forward,
though getting no more credit
than a stranger driving a cab.

I know these things now,
for losing her taught me much
that I wish I’d never had to learn.
But I treasure those changing trees.

I don’t remember
the 90s song that
played on the radio,
but I remember
that earthen rainbow.
I remember the
September breeze
through the window
dusting my small cheeks
in the same way
I remember my mother…
with love, and with peace.


This poem is an excerpt from Unraveling Light, Elayna Mae Darcy’s debut collection of poetry, coming summer 2018. The book is currently available for pre-order on Kickstarter.








I had to collapse
and admit to the power
I’d given my name,
and know that it had
become a black hole,
consuming who I
wanted to be.

I came undone,
a revelation that lasted
twenty-four revolutions
around the sun.

Across time and space
who I could be
called out to me,
a quiet voice,
somewhere beyond,
out in the void.

Alone, in the quiet
with fabric sheets and concrete
separating me from the sky,
I heard her…

I found her.

And though she spoke
in a whisper,
I knew she spoke truth,
I am here.
I am light.
I am you.

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