I do not always succeed. I feel I fail more often than not. But I am trying. I am fighting. I won’t let my efforts be forgot. There’s this pressure from the world, that I must meet specific goals. But my heart says something different, it sings a song of old. Before the world knew war, and before hatred plagued our souls, love brought about creation, the Greatest Story Ever Told. Evolution is a process, but does not mean love isn’t real. Science is the explanation, for why we feel the way we feel. To think the spirit does not exist, and that the soul is in our imaginations, is a fallacy most high, and shows the devil’s desperation. We are beings of magic and atoms, trying to do our best. And while we fail some of the time, we succeed the rest. Every second I keep breathing, is an accomplishment of joy. Every moment that I keep going, that’s a failure I’ve destroyed. I do not always succeed, but ever, I still try. I won’t let the world make me broken. Somehow, I’ll survive…

• ❇ •

This poem will be featured in Unraveling Light, my debut collection of poetry*.


(*Cries for days because I can finally say that phrase.)

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