0.1 Warning Signs

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0.1 … Warning Signs

The old saying goes,
tell ‘em what you’re gonna tell ‘em,
then tell ‘em,
then tell ‘em what you just told ‘em.

These words are a truth that have
in my life proven their worth.

God told me what They were gonna tell me
when they made the story that inspired me most
one about a child who learns they are magic
after an orphaned life of struggle.

When the first novel
I would ever venture to write
was about an orphaned girl
who learned she could wield her light,
the universe was telling me
what it was going to tell me.

And while I sometimes wish that
God had for me another plan,
knowing what I know now,
I am grateful for who I am.

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Cover photo by  unsplash-logoZuzanna Adamczyk

(© 2018 Elayna Mae Darcy)

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