0.8 Last Night

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0.8 … Last Night

It was like any other night.

Mom watching HGTV in bed,
me in the other room
messing around on the computer.
But then suddenly, DING.

The moment I’d been waiting for.
The email about college move in day.
I burst through my mother’s door.

I couldn’t contain the joy as I said,
It’s really happening! It’s all coming true!
Though still tired from the hospital,
I knew she was excited too.

I begged her to get my laptop,
promised I’d pay her back
through the summer.
But she refused,
and she promised,
I’ll get it for you,
one way or another.

(It was the last promise she made me,
and as always, one that she kept.
I just wish she hadn’t had to die
for the life insurance to be left.)

It was like any other night.

I hugged her, said I love you,
and headed off to bed.
I wish I’d known
it was the last time…
there’s so much more
I could have said.


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Click here to learn more about elluminations. This poem is also available on Medium.

Cover Photo by Quin Stevenson on Unsplash  |   (elluminations © 2018 Elayna Mae Darcy)

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