0.14 Over and Over and Over and…

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0.14 … Over and Over and Over and…

When Mother’s Day rolls around,
when Father’s Day comes about,
when their birthdays pass,
when their death day trauma lasts,
I am reminded over and over…

What’s your mother’s madien name?
What’s your father’s middle name?
What’s your given birth name?
Questions that haunt me over and over…

Are you going home for break?
I’ll be at my parent’s till late.

I made them an anniversary cake!
Phrases from friends that plague me
as I am reminded over and over that
I have no house,
no home,
nor parents left
to celebrate.

They’re gone
and there is nothing I can do.
You can’t understand it
unless it happens to you.
Loss doesn’t happen and then go away.
It is felt eternally, every single day
in the smallest ways,
over and over and over and…



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Cover Photo by Caleb Steele on Unsplash   |   (elluminations © 2018 Elayna Mae Darcy)

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