I Am Unraveled

Every so often, I write a blog post that calls back to the title that is displayed on my blog.ย Capturing Life’s Chapters, it reads. When I started this blog, it didn’t have much sense of direction. All I knew was that I had just changed my name, and needed a fresh start on the internet. A place to share what I’m going through, what my dreams are, and to reflect on where I’ve been.

Today is one of those posts, because today friends, is in a way, the first day of the rest of my life.

Unraveling Light is officially for sale, and I am a published author.

Me at my first book baby.

The day in all did not come with much pomp or circumstance. I haven’t even left the house, because I’ve just been mostly going back and forth between cleaning my room and posting about the release all across the internet. It’s been a lot of staring at my screen, and feeling like I’m shouting out into a void. But the congratulations from friends and people that did find their way to me where all so heartfelt and genuine, that you’d think from the look on my face that I landed on the NYT list. My first book came in with a whisper, but it was a whisper full of love and kindness and excitement, and I will forever be grateful that my journey into publishing began this way. With unexpected surprises, with unbridled enthusiasm, and even in some cases, making people realize they could love poetry when they never had before.


I’m so beside myself with joy that I really and truly do not know what else to say. My heart is just so very,ย very full.ย 

I know that ahead lies uncharted territory. I have a whole new world to navigate before me. New stories, new adventures, and new perils as well. I know it won’t be easy, but I feel a kind of ready that I have never felt before. Just a thousand thank yous to every person who helped get me to today, and here’s to whatever wonders await for tomorrow and beyond.

I should probably get some rest after such an emotional day, but y’all know me.ย ๐Ÿ˜‰ย I have something brewing, and as my favorite GIF to use for writing days always says…

supernatural we got work to do

Unraveling Light
is now available to order on
Barnes & Noble | Amazon | IndieBound

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