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Hello friends!

Haven’t posted much this month as I’ve been knee deep in my Still the Stars rewrite (which I have a blog post dropping this week regarding!) but I wanted to write a post to let all you lovelies following my blog know that for this last week of May only, I am running a special where you can get a PDF digital download of Unraveling Light for just $1!

With so much going on these last few months, finding time to promote the book has been a challenge–one of the many that comes with deciding to self publish. But I thought as we head into the summer and people are looking for eBook reads to haul to the beach on their Kindles and Nooks, this would be a perfect opportunity to share my collection of poems at a super, crazy discount.

To get your copy, simply scroll to the bottom of this post or visit the limited time page I’ve added to the site here for you to get your copy. If this goes well, hopefully I can do it again sometime down the road! But for now, I’m just hoping that some of you will be able to take advantage of this offer, and share the love for my first book baby.

As always, love and thanks. Can’t wait to be back later this week to share more on all the epic, crazy, awesomeness that has been life as of late. Till then, be well, and happy eReading!

SALE | $1 PDF eBook! | Limited Time

Unraveling Light (signed paperback)

Order a paperback copy of UNRAVELING LIGHT that has been signed by the author, and which includes a handmade bookmark! Once your order has been placed, please expect about 2 weeks for shipping. Please note at this time signed copies cannot be shipped to international addresses outside the US.


Get a PDF of the book for only $1!

Praise for

A dreamy and powerful journey that at times took my breath away and other times breathed the life back into me.”

Olivia Dolphin, Poet & Founder of Wizards in Space 

An honest outpouring of a person’s soul onto the page… there is a magic in her words that I cannot describe.

Alicia Bede, Writer & Educator

Elayna’s words give a sense of shining optimism despite whatever struggles she has faced in her life.

Tony Valdez, Author of Dax Harrison

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