• Some Pieces •

You never
got to see
who I became,
never learned
the name
I chose for

Who I am
still features so
many pieces of you.
Some pieces
are shrapnel
in the wounds
you left
that will never
fully heal.
Some pieces
are the songs
and the stories
and the smiles
you gave me,
that sometimes,
I worry were
too good to
have been real.


Titles that
my lips miss

Titles that
I’m praying
I pass on and
get to say one day.

Because you see,
for all your
faults and your
failings, and your
I’ve always
wanted to become
a parent too,
so I can give
my own kids
the best of me,
and the best of you.


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Featured Photo by Yohann Lc on Unsplash

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