Hope In Trying Times

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When fear rises
and eclipses hope,
that hope is
an ever burning light
and fear is
no more than
a passing shadow.


Hey dear friends. I wanted to share this poem I wrote last January because it has been on my mind a lot due to the recent coronavirus pandemic. I know I am not alone in finding that the situation is stressful, scary, and horribly anxiety inducing. We’re all going through this as a globe–being worried for each other, for our loved ones, for our own health. It has all been so overwhelming, and I would be lying to act as if I am not feeling fear about it all the more news I read.

But I decided to come back to and share this short poem because it is a reminder that hope always wins out, even when everything seems shrouded in shadow. That there is light to be founded even in the darkest of times. Its something I need to tell myself now more than ever, and I thought y’all might enjoy it too.

With everything happening, y’all will likely be hearing more from me on here in the coming days, as I’m between freelance gigs right now and am not sure how long that’s going to continue. Hoping to start leaning in more here on Patreon to build more regular income that allows me to continue working on my books and other creative endeavors. To the friends who’ve always been here, you know you always have my love and thanks. And to anyone else who might be reading, I hope you can consider becoming a patron or sharing this poem to spread some light around. We could all use a little hope right now.

Stay well friends, wash those hands, and be safe. I’ll be doing the same.

Featured Image by karen kayser on Unsplash

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