• The Librarian •

No words
could ever fully hope to convey
what a safe haven
you gave to me.

In that musty
little library,
you showed me
that myself was enough,
that books could be
portals to other worlds
and places for me
to find peace.

With those scribbled
passes to get me out
of homeroom,
you showed me that
strangers could be
kinder than family
and that words
were the most
powerful form of magic.

So much of who I am
was molded in those mornings,
talking with you as
we put away books
and mused about life
in ways that made me
feel more seen than
perhaps I’ve ever been.

I’ll forever remember
the joy you gave me
just simply by listening
to my stories and
assuring me they
were worth chasing.


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Featured Image by Valentin Antonini on Unsplash

One thought on “• The Librarian •

  1. What a charmingly heartfelt poem! I completely agree with you – books are the portals to other words. It is lovely that you had a special person sharing your passion for literature. ❤️


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