Cover Reveal

It is finally that time, friends! Time for me to share with you all the cover for DARKNESS UNDONE! I am so happy to be able to share this with you all. Behold…

Much like my first collection, this cover features artwork by the amazing Damian A. Falana, with text and formatting done by yours truly. I was so happy to complete the set and have both covers featuring his incredible fractal art, which has taken my breath away since first I saw it. I really love that the two covers are able to compliment each other.

In addition to this cover reveal, I’ve been working on the artwork for the book and have had a few meetings now with my editor, so revisions are shaping up! As of now, we’re still on track for our October release date, but I will be sure to notify all of you if there are any delays that may arise. I’m just so excited to be able to get this into your hands by the fall. 

Thanks as always for your awesomeness and patience, and I hope you enjoy the cover! You can view it again and learn more about my other published works on my recently updated website, (And if you have friends who might be interested in pre-ordering a copy, or if you yourself would like to pre-order more copies, you can head over to this page right here to sign up for a notification of when pre-order will be available!)

(This post was originally published as an update on Kickstarter.)

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