A New Era

I mentioned recently that there were some exciting, secret things brewing, and I’m excited to announce today one of the biggest ones. Friends, I officially have a shop!

Home page of elaynamusings.shop

This new online store, elaynamusings.shop, is going to serve as the digital hub where I sell copies of my eBooks, paperbacks, and hopefully more in the coming months. This journey over the past year and some change to dive into freelancing and working for myself has been such a slow going process, but this is a milestone I have been so longing to meet. It feels good to finally share it.

So what’s there to buy in this shop? Well right now, only a few items. You can get eBook copies of my short story, CONTINUUM, as well as my first poetry book, UNRAVELING LIGHT. At this time, DARKNESS UNDONE is up there for preorder, but if you decide to get a copy keep in mind that the eBook won’t be sent to you until October 30th of this year, which is the slated publication date. The short story and my first book however will both be available for download the moment your purchase is complete.

the eBook of CONTINUUM

As of right now, I am awaiting some deliveries of paperback copies for both of my poetry books, so once those are in, you can bet I’ll make an announcement for folks to check them out.

In the meantime, I am just so happy to share this news, and to take this next step as a creator. I know 2020 has been so dark and terrifying, but I for one am super grateful that this time has allowed me to put things in perspective. Without it, I might not have had the guts to chase all these dreams I had been putting off the last few years. My favorite musical has the line, “No day but today,” and it could not be something more relevant.

If all I have is today, I’m going to make the most of it. Thanks for sticking with me through it all.

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