Holiday Sale

Hello friends!

My what a year this has been, huh? 🙃 Glad we made it this far, even if it has been a hellscape. But with the holidays upon us and a new year just around the corner, I wanted to send 2020 off on as bright a note as is possible even though things have been dismal. That is why I’ve come to share some news about a sale I am running on my Elayna Musings online store for all you lovely folks who follow my blog.

When DARKNESS UNDONE dropped back on Oct 30th, I was thrilled to be able to launch my official shop to sell my writing & poetry works, something I’ve long dreamed of doing. And now since it tis the season and all, I’ve decided to run a special for the store where you can get $30 OFF EVERYTHING, including eBooks of my short story, and the latest elluminations chapbook. (Just use code HOLIDAY at checkout!)

Launching this shop may seem a small thing to some, but given the ecconomic struggles I faced this year with the pandemic, having this little store has meant finally being able to be in charge of my own life and working for myself. Getting to sell the stories I’ve worked so hard to tell is a lifelong dream come true, and so every purchase made, whether it is just a $3 digital chapbook or a signed copy of my second published poetry collection, makes a huge difference in my life and reminds me not to give up hope.

So I hope you’ll consider checking out the shop and making use of this promo code. While I am advertising it on my social media as only being available until December 15th, folks from my blog have access to it until December 31st! (Just make sure to enter the code HOLIDAY when checking out for your 30% off!)

At the time of this posting, I am currently sold out of signed copies of UNRAVELIGHT LIGHT, but eBooks are available, and if you absolutely cannot wait to get that first book, please consider requesting it and purchasing through your local bookstore! (Might I suggest A Novel Idea on Passyunk or Uncle Bobbie’s Coffee & Books, two of my favorite shops to support!)

Thanks for sticking with me this year. Sending all the love I can muster to you and yours through the rest of this season, and hoping you all stay safe and well into the new year. 💛❄️🥂

Featured Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

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