This Is Happening

Earlier this year, I said to myself, “Self… this is the year you get back into podcasting.” I could not be more excited to announce today that officially, this is happening.

Back in March, I had the pleasure of guest hosting on two episodes of the Supernatural rewatch podcast, Saving People, Queering Things. We had such a blast with those two, that the host (shout out to Abigail!) then invited me to join the show in a more permanent capacity, which I jumped at the chance to do. We have so many epic things ahead for this podcast—*ahem* including a really big announcement coming May 2nd—that I am honored to be a part of it. Discussing my comfort show through deeply nuanced, queer, story driven lenses has been more rewarding than I can properly put into words.

In addition, I, like much of the gay internet, have developed a quick, but bone-deep bond with the new series Our Flag Means Death. So much so, that within a week of starting it, I was DMing my aforementioned SPN podcast co-host essentially saying, “How do you feel about starting an ofmd podcast with me? 👀”

When they said yes, I got right to work, and thus was born Fine Things Well. We’ve already got our whole show’s first season mapped out, with episode one coming next week, on Sunday April 24th, as a nod to it being one month since the season finale aired. The amount of radical queer joy contained within this series, and our podcast too, has been so fun to dive into, and I am dying for HBO Max to #RenewOurFlagMeansDeath so we can keep this going for many seasons to come.

As for the writing life, things have been a bit on hold as I have been so active in launching these new podcasting endeavors. However, as it is National Poetry Month, I’ve been spending my spare down time writing some new poems for a collection that I hope to share more about later this year. But mostly, the words lie in wait as I work on other things, and I’m trying to be kind with myself about that. Trying to remember that just because I may not be in a writing season at the moment, I am no less of a writer. It just means I am a writer who is taking a break that, being honest, was very long overdue.

That said, I do hope if you’re a fan of either Supernatural or Our Flag Means Death that you’ll consider giving one (or both!) of these shows a listen. We have poured a lot of heart into this work, and are so excited for it to reach new listeners. And if you enjoy what you hear, let us know! The most fun part of podcasting has always been the communities that spring up around them, so it would be awesome to have some of you Queery Letters subscribers be part of that.

Learn more about Saving People, Queering Things.

Learn more about Fine Things Well.

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Featured photo by Elayna Mae Darcy © 2022

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