Life in Three Lines

Rather than a usual breakdown where I go over all the creative things I’ve been working on of late, I thought I’d try something a little different for this mid-summer bulletin. Presenting, a haiku about each of the major endeavors I’m working on, with links to learn more where applicable.


Still the Stars

The time is coming
where I share you with the world.
I hope they love you…

For Camp NaNoWriMo

A retold tale of
love that saved the world — this time,
a happy ending.

A New Poetry Collection (Coming 2023)

Time to go deeper,
to my past, present, future.
Defining a life.


Fine Things Well

We are real pirates,
sailing a treacherous sea,
but we’re not alone.

Saving People, Queering Things

Queer readings make us
stronger, a family tied
with love before blood.

An Untitled Project (Coming Fall 2022)

It’s time to return
to where the story began.
Maybe truth this time?

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Featured Photo by Robin Röcker on Unsplash

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