Missed This

The soft thrum of
creative energy is
a pulse for me,
this life giving thing
that reminds why I
should keep going.

Beats & pen strokes & ideas.
Abstracts & mixes & designs.
The hum of a busy street,
drifting in through the
wide open windows that
overlook a resilient city
that has always been
sacred to me.

I don’t always present context for poems shared here, but this one is worth mentioning. I wrote this yesterday while attending an event called You Art Not Alone, which was a gathering of creative folks at Indy Hall, the co-working community I was part of prior to/during much of the pandemic. 

While I’m not an official member at the moment (thanks, economy) attending this free event was an absolute balm to the soul after two full years that have felt so unbelievably lonely. Being around even a small group of excited artists, all working on their own projects (that varied across an array of mediums) was so much fun. It turned out to be exactly what I needed. 

Heading out into the world again after such a dark period of isolation that I was afraid I’d never escape is terrifying and nerve wracking. But being around these artists, in this new space, bringing new creations to life, reminded me why it’s so important to gather with others, especially when one is experiencing deep loneliness.

To listen to this poem, visit Queery Letters, now available on Spotify.

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Featured Photo by Elayna Mae Darcy © 2022

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