An Ode to You, Too

When I walked
these halls, I had
no idea who I was
or who I would become.

I spent days on end
distracted and dreaming
of the life that I believed
was waiting for me,
hoping with everything
in me that one day
I might be okay.

It took a long time
and if I’m honest,
there was more than once
where I didn’t think
that I’d make it.

But as I write these words
on a glorious autumn day
in a city I love dearly,
knowing that I’ve written
words that will live
on beyond me,
I feel grateful for
every one of those
young, starry eyed
imaginings I had
in high school.

For as fate would have it,
those moments were
simply the sparks
that would kindle 
the raging, aching,
beautiful bonfire
that I am now
blessed enough
to call my life.


What would you say to your 15 year old self if you had the chance to look back and give them some advice? Or if you’re still closer to that age, what’s something you want your future self 15 years down the road to know?

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Featured photo by Elayna Mae Darcy (c) 2022

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