Through These Doors

Though I have never held their key,
these doors hold behind them
an entire world to me.

From the moment I saw them,
I sensed their magic,
something ancient lurking
just on the other side
of the dense blue metal.

These doors made me realize
that we always have the power
to make portals of the ordinary.

Lewis gave me a wardrobe.
MacHale gave me an abandoned subway.
L’Engle gave me love & spacetime itself.
So why not a simple set of doors
beneath a bridge over
the Delaware’s water?

Why not me,
a nobody to the cosmos,
yet the writer of
my own story?


Write about a door, either literal or metaphorical, that you had to pass through in your life. Was it the door to your childhood home or a tough threshold you had to cross in your twenties? If you decide to create something for this prompt, share it on social media with the tag #CountdownToTheStars.

This post is the “Doors” entry in the Countdown to the Stars blog series. To learn more about the countdown and the book (coming Nov 2022) visit

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Featured photo by Elayna Mae Darcy (c) 2022

Additional Photo by Ronald Cuyan on Unsplash

3 thoughts on “Through These Doors

  1. Dear poet. We are the writers of our own stories.
    “Why not me,
    a nobody to the cosmos,
    yet the writer of
    my own story?”
    Every decision we made. Decide our place. Powerful and worthwhile poetry.


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