Pursuit of the Story

How on Earth did we get to the end of the month so fast?

It feels like just yesterday we were all wide eyed and excited, ready to dive into new projects, and now with mere days left, we’re sure everyone across the region finds themselves in varying states of mind.

Thrilled you just finished or mad you fell short. Exhausted that you got close but might not make it, or energized because you’re thiiiiiiis close. (I’m currently the later of these two.)

But therein lies part of the magic of NaNoWriMo — there exists an infinite number of ways it can be experienced. Different people, different projects, different places. Yet across all these times and spaces, there’s one thing that ties us together — the pursuit of the story.

Writing isn’t always a pretty, or heck, even a fun process So if you’re finding yourself tired here at the end of the month, know that you don’t have to push yourself beyond your limits. Knowing when you need to step back and rest is JUST as important as knowing when it’s time to kick it up a notch and push through to the end. Only you can know what’s best for you, and so with a few days still to go in the month, I hope you take some time today to reflect and figure out what it is you want/need/hoped to get out of this month, and get after whatever makes the most sense for you.

Just know that wherever you are in your journey, you’ve made it further than where you were on November 1st, and that friend, is something to be proud of.


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(NOTE: This pep talk was originally shared as a regional update on the Philadelphia NaNoWriMo page.)

Photo by Andrew Seaman on Unsplash

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