Photo of two journals: one blue with gold stars, one with a colorful autumn tree shedding leaves by a lake. Next to them on the table is a stack of oracle cards, and five cards are laid out. The cards are: the spyglass, the wall, the universe, the storyteller, and the wanderer.


Night air rush 
and cleanse 
these pages, 
spirit call upon 
my ancestors 
and sages… 

I am longing 
for rebirth, 
a renewal 
of words and of self 
that only these 
unwritten lines 
and yet un-lived days 
to come can promise. 

Here in this city 
beneath stars I can’t see, 
let me discover 
the uncharted 
within me.

Thank you to all of you who have subscribed to this little newsletter this year, and I hope that my words have brought some small moments of joy and reflection to your inboxes in 2022.

I have so many exciting things planned for next year that I cannot wait to share with you, so I hope that until then, you all remember to be kind to yourselves, and wish you a safe, happy, healthy 2023.

With love and light,

Elayna ✨

Featured Photo by Elayna Mae Darcy © 2022

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