If Ever I Have Loved You

Know that this poem is about you.

Know that even if I’ve let you go,
there’s a part of me that
will always wonder
what we could have been.
There’s a version of us
that wanders the multiverse,
holding hands, laughing freely,
because in that reality,
you didn’t belong to
someone else first,
and I was brave enough
to do something about it.

Know that every story is about you.
That when I am giddy about my
favorite ships, I’m dreaming of
all the fics where it got to be us.
There’s a future somewhere
we’ll never get to live where
we’re the last of them,
feeding each other strawberries
at the end of the world,
and getting the privilege
of dying in each other’s arms.

Know that every verse is about you.
That when I read poetry, you’re the one
I’m imagining between the lines,
when Shakespeare said,
“my bounty is boundless
as the sea, my love as deep;
the more I give to thee,
the more I have, for both
are infinite…” its like he knew
I’d come along one day
and feel that for you.

Know that every dream is about you.
That when I go walking the paths
of my minds memoryscape &
across bridges of what ifs & maybes,
we got to be in the kind of love
that all of creation falls still for.

Know that this moment is about you too.
That if ever I have loved you
and these are verses that reach you,
that this instant belongs to you,
and who I am is forever changed
because I was blessed enough
to have loved (and lost) you.

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Photo by Andreas Haslinger on Unsplash

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