Beyond my poetry and novels, I also write essays and articles from time to time on fandom culture, queer media, and more. Here you can read excerpt of those works and find links to the full articles from the sites where they were originally published. Happy reading!

An Open Letter to Queer Teens

I want you to know we are fighting for you. That there are people, right now as you read this, writing books and making television and directing films that show our lived experiences in all the glorious light they deserve to be bathed in. 

from the Queerbaiting Survival Guide on YA PRIDE, January 2021

This excerpt is from the blog series, Queerbaiting Survival Guide. You can read the full article over on the blog for YA Pride here.

Why Young Dumbledore’s Sexuality Matters

We have the chance to witness, in real time, a Dumbledore who is young and vivacious and who, hopefully, both acknowledges his sexuality and gives us a chance to see a well-rounded gay character in a mainstream blockbuster.

from, April 2017

This excerpt is from the article, Why Young Dumbledore’s Sexuality Matters. You can read the full article where it was originally published on MuggleNet here.

Photo by Fabian Irsara on Unsplash