I’ve been writing pretty much since I learned how to hold a pen, so its thrilling beyond calculation to finally be putting my stories out into the world.

They Are the Lastthe first book of The Alterian Trilogy—is a story I’ve been working on for more than twelve years. What was once just a grand idea in the imagination of a thirteen year old is now becoming a full length young adult space opera trilogy. To read the first chapter and learn more about the story, visit theyarethelast.com!

My first short story, Continuum, debuted on March 11, 2017 in Issue 02 of Wizards in Space, a literary magazine featuring the creative works of 27 other storytellers! To find out how to order your copy of Wizards in Space, you can click here, or click the picture below!


In addition to these works, I’m also the author of the on-going story Never Againa modern adventure with Peter Pan—which is now available on Wattpad! Click the image below to visit the page for the book!