Unraveling Light

A soul put to paper through scribbles and prose. A book with a heart that beats even though it’s been battered. Darcy’s debut collection of poetry becomes more than just the written sum of her experiences. It is a celebration of surviving them.

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I am unraveled. A life illuminated. Prepare to meet me…


A quarterly chapbook series of poetry, these digitally released collections only available to Patreon subscribers. But the first issue, vol. 0, Independent, is currently available for free to all readers.

Read vol. 0 here on my blog, on Patreon, or Medium.
Independent (elluminations, vol. 0) explores the journey of losing my parents, and learning to live with that loss.


Ari Miranda is depressed, and unsure of how to move on past the losses she’s endured. But when a mysterious box appears in her apartment, she’ll have to play a game that will change the course of reality, and give her the second chance she’s been waiting for.

To read, order Issue 02 of Wizards in Space.
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The Alteria Trilogy

This YA speculative fiction trilogy is a series I have been working on ever since I was 13. It’s still a work in progress, but you can follow along with the adventure of writing it here on my blog, or by checking out the official twitter page.

My personal copy of the first completed draft.