Graphic Designs

Social Media Campaign Graphics

Featuring designs created for Elayna Musings, The Edge Student Village, Park Place Apartments, Indie Pen Ink, National Novel Writing Month, Enchantment Con, and SpeakBeasty Podcast.

Logo Designs

Featuring designs created for Elayna Musings, The Convention Kid Podcast, SpeakBeasty Podcast, Story Slayers Podcast, Phillywrimos, The Edge Student Village, indie author R.H. Webster’s book, LUCKY, and the Twitter account, RESEARCH A TO Z.

Film Poster Designs

Book Cover Designs

Featuring book cover designs created for authors Renae McBrian and Elayna Mae Darcy.

Aesthetic Mood Boards

Featuring aesthetics created for SHE IS THE END by A.C. Weston and BURIED DEEP by Ari Koontz (work in progress).

All graphic designs featured here were created using Canva by Elayna Mae Darcy © 2022