Tiny Stories

In honor of National Haiku Poetry Day, I decided to pen a few. Here are seven original haiku poems from me to you to celebrate what honestly might be my favorite kind of poetry. I love that they force one to say so much with so little. Hope you enjoy them!

Why I Write
Stories in my blood
Words in my bones, escaping
through my fingertips

What I See
Skyline lights dancing
Teeming life of the city
Conscious mosaic

Do You Know?
Your smile in my mind
Things unsaid are lingering
Heart facing the wall

Liquid Motivation
Mocha and ideas
A cup of inspiration
Meaningful sugar

To My Story
Always in my mind
Adventure won’t let me go
This story will live

What’s Expected
The desk holds me tight
An embrace I can’t escape
I’m suffocating

God’s finger paintings
Roses on fire, blazing sky
Darkness trails behind…


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