Winter Words

Whether it is just too many months in quarantine or listening to Taylor Swift’s album evermore a few too many times, I’ve found myself inspired this past week. After spending the beginning of the month feeling a bit lost and aimless after NaNoWriMo ended, I was finally struck with a flurry of ideas, which turned into me writing a bunch of new poetry pieces.

These little snowball sized poems get a bit melancholy, but hey, ’tis the damn season, right?

How I missed this air.
Winter’s chill is an old friend;
a snowy embrace.

Longest Night

The hearth has gone dark
on this longest night,
and there are
more empty chairs
around the table
than there should be.

Yet you
are still here to witness
the solstice sun
rising over a
snow felled world,
and by all the stars in heaven,
that matters.

ice reaches,
desperate to touch the ground.
frozen water
that longs to rejoin
the soil & rivers,
to return to a state
where she was
free to flow &
help flowers to grow…

—i know the feeling

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Cover Photo by Andrew Ridley on Unsplash

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