Countdown to the Stars

Exactly 13 weeks from the time of this writing, my debut novel will be out in the world, so I think some celebrating is in order.

I’ve been chronicling this whole journey on here since 2015 when I decided to go back to my first idea, my childhood story that had been collecting dust on the shelf while I’d been away at college getting my film degree. The world of Alteria waited patiently for me to pick it up again, and if I’m honest, picking it back up was one of the best decisions of my life.

And finally, all of that labor—the late nights writing, the campaigns that didn’t meet their goals, the query rejections, the heartache and fear that this thing would never see the light of day—is going to pay off. Readers will at last be able to know what the heck it is I’ve been on about all these years. You’re all finally going to meet Piper for real, and to say I can’t believe it is an understatement.

So I’ve decided to spend these final weeks as we countdown to the book’s release doing some reflecting, and of course, creating. I’ll share behind the scenes stories, some of you may already know, and others which I’ll be sharing for the first time. And not only that, but I am encouraging all of you to join me in the revelry!

Introducing the Countdown to the Stars Challenge.

Each Tuesday, starting today (August 2nd) until the book’s publication day (November 1st) there will be a new prompt. Use it as an excuse to share a photo, write a poem, make a video—whatever these single word prompts drive you to create, I want you to share it. And if you use the tag #AlteriaAwaits (or tag me in your posts on Twitter, Instagram or TikTok) I’ll share what you share, so that the lot of us can just celebrate the stuff we’re making together. Here are the prompts for reach corresponding Tuesday…

Aug 2 • POETRY
Aug 16 • SUNRISE
Aug 23 • ROADS
Aug 30 • FRIENDS
Sept 6 • JOY
Sept 20 • KEYS
Sept 27 • SCHOOL
Oct 11 • WOODS
Oct 18 • DOORS
Oct 25 • STARS
Nov 1 • BOOKS

The posts I share will be featured here on my blog, over on my newsletter, as well as on Medium, so whichever of those you are reading this on, I hope you’ll considering joining me for this epic countdown. Since I’m using this Tuesday to announce the Countdown, my post based on the POETRY prompt will come out tomorrow, August 3rd.

If you want to participate, you can screenshot the graphic below and share it on social media with the tag #AlteriaAwaits and see if any friends may want to join the challenge! And remember that this is entirely for fun, so if you only want to do some of the prompts, you aren’t compelled to do them all. Do them at your own pace, anytime during the themed week, or heck, combine prompts to make something entirely unique.

Each of these prompts is related to something from the story that has personal meaning to me, and so I’d love to hear what these words inspire in you should you choose to share it.

To all the friends who’ve been here since the beginning, thank you. Your patience is all about to be worth it. And to those just discovering me or this story, welcome to the party. It’s going to be one hell of a ride. 😎💫

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