Feb 2023 | The Door

liminal portal
threshold to every beyond
i hold within me
either side of everything
be i wood or stone or air
i am the gateway to any/every where

remember, my very purpose
is to open and be opened
so that you might pass through
though when you keep me closed
you’ll remain unchanged
never having the chance
to revel in wonders unknown

I have recently begun the practice of drawing a single card on the first day of the month, and often find myself writing poetry after readings based on the cards that come up and the feelings they stir up in me at the moment.

When I did this latest one for February, I realized this might be a fun creative challenge, and a way for me to share these little musings and bits of guidance with you all. I’d love if these poems or cards spur you to write your own responses or cause your own moments of introspection, and feel free to share them with me if they do!

11 Months, 11 Readings will run through the rest of this year, and I look forward to seeing how these cards and words guide me through the year where I’ll be celebrating my 33rd trip around the sun.

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Featured Photo by Elayna Mae Darcy © 2023

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